Master Professionals

All PGA of Canada professionals are classified by categories according to his or her education, years of experience, contributions to the game and other relevant factors. Achieving Master Professional status is the highest designation a PGA of Canada professional can ascend to. This designation represents a demonstration of in-depth knowledge of an area of expertise in the golf industry. A Master Professional will share this knowledge through a thesis contributing to the body of information and resources in the Canadian golf industry.

The Master Professional Review Committee (composed of the Director of Education, a National Master Facilitator, a Class “A” member in the same area of expertise as the applicant, the chairman of Education Committee, and an academic advisor) oversees and recommends course of action to the PGA of Canada National Board for the obtainment of Master Professional status.

Dan Campbell
John Gaudet
Henry Brunton
Harry Brotchie
Kenneth Fulton
Bruce McCarrol
William McDougall
William Penny
Alan Riley
Roy O.A. Vicckies
Danny Jutras
Wayne Kirwan
George Arnold
Mike Silver
Tony Evershed
Bruce Atkins
Raymond Haines
Michael Schurman
Bruce Murray
Doug Bell
Stanley Kolar
Ronald Rayner
Arnold McLean Sr.
Murray Tucker